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Vitteaut Alberti - A Mercurey

Here’s a test for my french - or maybe for my english. A Maire (pronounced mare meaning mayor) Cure (pronounced cure ay - meaning preacher). Most of the cremant producing grapes Mr. Vitteaut harvests come from the town of Mercurey (mare cure ay) in the Cote Challonnaise just a few kilometers from his wineries location which is in Rully. I’m getting to the punchline. Last I saw this MAYOR of Rully he was headed for the third daily baptism he was to perform since this is the role of the mayor of small French communes. Baptism, weddings, banquets and balls. Ha, ha. Not as clever in English? OK. This is a distinguished yet mischievously jovial winemaker of Italian origin who makes a Cremant from Burgundy which many a great palate has mistaken for Grand cru Champagne. What is Cremant? An AOC* Sparkling wine from Burgundy which is made in what is now termed the "Traditional Method" since the "Methode Champenoise" is reserved for wines from that region. Don’t be swayed by wine snobbery disappointed by an inexpensive sparkling wine not branded by a big name from Epernay. This is fresh, clean, harmonious, fruitful, perfect for a refreshing aperitif, and most of all TASTY!

Gerard Vitteaut has also recently begun harvesting and vinifying his own Rully village grapes for his own private label. This AOC village wine is round, fat & slightly buttery with an acidity characteristic of the vintage 1995. I have diverted several renowned Burgundian palates by placing it among Chassagnes and even Meursaults during a blind tasting and it was the only wine to be taken for a premier cru.


*(Appellation d’Origine Controlle is THE mark of quality in France for all gastronomcal controls : salt (Sel de Guerande), poultry (Poulet de Bresse), cheese (Crottin de Chavignol made from goats milk), wines & alcohols and more.

        1995 Rully (Chardonnay) Village

        NV Cremant Brut

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