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As a young vine grower, in love with vineyards, I purchased, along with my brother Paul and my sister Caroline, just over two years ago, a prestigious estate on the territory of Beaune, neighboring Pommard; we have named it "Domaine des Clos". The reason for this was that most of the vineyards are enclosed ("Clos" in French) by walls, which better capture and reflect heat.

This estate of just over three hectares(7.5 acres) consists, above all, of great burgundies such as Beaune Premier Cru "Les Champs-Pimont", "Clos des Avaux", "Greves", etc.....a reminder of its history.

The vineyard was thus acquired by Mathilda, Duchess of Burgundy in 1160, who later donated it to the monks of the abbey of Tart, donation confirmed by a bull of the pope Innocent III in 1198. In the XIII century, it belonged to the Bernardinian convent. Later on the vineyard was ceded, after amodiation, to Lazare Berardier, known in 1723 as squire of Battaut. In 1767, the holdings were sold to Henri Goureau, infantry officer of King Louis XV. Finally, after the revolution, the great family of Azincourt became owners and in 1926 transmitted it to the Floquet's.

Very recently, the Domaine des Clos has been enriched by some Nuits-Saint-Georges, which will be marketed from 1998 onwards. Thus, this estate, steeped in history, has conserved its soul; its present owners have at heart its preservation in the spirit of the erstwhile.

Gregoire Bichot

        1995 Beaune 1er Cru, Champs Pimont

        1995 Beaune 1er Cru, Les Avaux

        1996 Beaune 1er Cru, Les Grèves

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