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Domaine De La Blaque-Coteaux De Pierrevert-AOC Luberon

The Domaine LaBlaque is part of the appellation of Coteaux de Pierrevert and has recently earned the AOC* qualification as Luberon as well.  Although this winery harvests over 30 hectars it is a tiny wine producing area hidden away in the hills in the southern Alps of Haute-Provence.

This extraordinary vineyard tempered by the warmth of the Provencial climate plus the coolness of the Alps is a favorite among connoisseurs of French southern wines.

Harvested from clay soil, a particularly high elevation for the area (420 meters above sea level - one of the highest in France!) plus a remarkable climate, this vineyard has perfect conditions for producing great wines.  And the young Delsuc couple does just that!

Gilles Delsuc finished his Ph.D. in winemaking at the Dijon University just five years ago where he met then married Laurence, a Champenoise from a family of numerous generations of champagne producers.  She, a vineyard scientist and professor, and he with enough energy to light the Eiffel tower make a perfect team making wines with a perfection, concentration and technical precision unknown to the area.  While using the latest technology in their cellar plus quality oak barrels, they are as devoted to respecting the vineyards with organic farming techniques and hand harvesting. 

*(Apellation d'Origine Controlle is THE mark of quality in France for all gastronomical controls:  salt (Sel de Guerande), poultry (Poulet de Bresse), cheese (Crottin de Chavignol made from goats milk), wines and alcohols and more.

        White - 1997 White Reserve

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