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High Peak Resources, Inc.

Press Release      8/98


Dan and Mary King, principals of High Peak Resources, Inc. announced today the selection of the architectural firm to lead the team for the rehabilitation and restoration of the historic Beaumont Hotel, Ouray, Colorado.

After several months of interviews and a review of several outstanding individuals and firms, the Kings have named Andrews and Anderson, P.C., as the lead architectural firm for the project. Andrews and Anderson, P.C., is a Golden, Colorado, based architectural firm with its studio in the historic Territorial Capitol Building. The firm offers a full range of architectural and preservation services, including planning, design, and construction administration. They have been involved in the restoration of historic buildings throughout the State of Colorado and have been the recipient of numerous awards on the state and national level. The husband and wife team of Nan and Dave Anderson, principals of Andrews and Anderson, P.C., will be responsible for the Beaumont project.

Nan and Dave Anderson both have a Master of Architecture degree, are members of the American Institute of Architects, and are affiliated with Colorado Preservation, Inc., the Colorado Historical Society and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Nan Anderson will lead the team and brings a great deal of sensitivity to the needs and desires of the City of Ouray. As Nan says, "There are few buildings that capture the spirit of a place like the Beaumont Hotel captures Ouray. We are delighted to be part of the team that will dust this elegant lady off and stand her up again to re-open this colorful page of Ouray's history. The Beaumont's success will grow out of the King's vision of what is appropriate to the town as well as a responsiveness to the features that make this building great. Evaluation, planning, design and construction will require time and patience but we're already looking forward to a very exciting opening day."

Another key member of the preservation/restoration team is Jim Viets, Ouray. Jim, who is also a member of the American Institute of Architects, is well known to the Ouray community for his involvement in the preservation of historic buildings as well as his involvement in many civic activities. Additionally, John Lesnefsky, John Lesnefsky Real Estate, Ouray, will continue to aid the team in ongoing feasibility studies, marketing, and community relations.

The first step in the restoration process will be a total building assessment of all interior and exterior elements from the roof to the basement. The assessments will give the team an understanding of existing conditions and constraints in the rehabilitation process.

Since the scope of the work in the assessment phase is extensive and involves a variety of engineering firms, completion of this phase will take several months.

At the same time that the assessment studies are going on, feasibility studies for the use of the building will continue. Dr. and Mrs. King are very appreciative of the suggestions received to date and still welcome input from the community.

The Beaumont or the Kings can be reached at:

e-mail: beaumont@high-peak.com

or mail:    P.O. Box 1119
                Ouray, CO 81427

The Beaumont will most likely be a mixed-use facility with retail space, restaurant, hotel or condominiums. Anyone interested in space in the Beaumont can contact the address above.

Progress continues! Stay tuned!


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