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High Peak Imports, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas


The mission of High Peak Imports, Inc. is to search the world for new wines to import into the United States. Not just any wine will do. We are searching for wines that are rated "good" to "excellent" in taste, but which can be purchased at a reasonable price by the average consumer. Since we are so selective, we will offer only a limited number of wines at any one time.

How we select the wine

We are collaborating with a wine professional in the Burgundy area of France to identify wines (and winemakers) that have not been imported into the U.S. for the American consumer. Melissa Demuth of Wine Link, Ltd. visits with local winemakers and makes the initial recommendations of which wines we should consider importing to the U.S. Samples are obtained and tested by two handpicked groups in the U.S. The tasting groups are "non-professionals". They are people like you who enjoy wine and would buy the wine at the local retail wine shop.

Rating system

Each wine is evaluated using a 25 point scale (25 = excellent). The clarity, aroma, and taste (initial, palate, and finish) of every wine is rated for a total of up to 25 points by each person. These five criteria are rated on a 5 point scale. We evaluate the scores from the tasting groups and make our selections based on the group’s evaluation of the quality of the wine and price. Wines that score 20 points or above (very good) are considered for importation.

How can you buy our wines?

High Peak Imports, Inc. is a licensed wholesaler in the state of Texas. Our license allows us to sell our wines to Texas retailers and restaurants for ultimate sale to the consumer. At this time, we are not allowed to sell directly to the consumer.

A resident of San Antonio can find our wines at Wines, Etc., 19160 Stone Oak Parkway, #104, (210) 499-0200 and soon at other local retailers. Texas residents living outside of San Antonio should ask their local retailer to contact us for availability of wine that could be shipped to the retailer for you to buy. If you live outside of the State of Texas, have your local retailer contact us for ordering information.

Wine Selections

For a list of wines available, sorted by region, click here.

Wine Selections by Region

For a more detailed list, including suggested retail price, click here.

Current Wine Selections


 "Choices of wine expanding" by Bill Stephens - printed in San Antonio Express-News 09/01/99

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